The Wax Bar

Our Waxing Services

Facial Waxing

Our variety of wax is suitable for all skin types and conditions. Whether it be sensitive, dry, acne-prone, or oily, we have the perfect waxing solution for your face.

Brow Design

Our signature eyebrow waxing and tweezing!

We design the perfect brow and arch that compliments your face and eye shape. Customized hair by hair grooming and design using the silkiest wax.

  • Brow shaping tailored to your face and eye shape
  • We discuss strategies to help you grow your brows to their ideal shape
  • Brow design with powder makeup to fill in any gaps in the shape or to enhance the existing one

Body Waxing

From soft to hard wax options, we will choose the most suitable wax for your skin and waxing service type to ensure little to no irritation, for a luxurious and relatively pain-free experience.

The Waxing Experience


Skin Prep

We gently cleanse the skin to remove excess dirt, oil and make-up. Our prep products are infused with Tea Tree Oil for a natural antiseptic. We then use a finely-milled dusting powder that allows us to see hair by absorbing oils or perspiration, aiding in the performance of the wax. We pay extra care to your skin and our products acts as a protective barrier between the skin and wax.


High Quality Waxing

Our wax combines high-quality resins and rosins with select oils, allowing us to choose the suitable one based on your skin type and service being performed.



In order to properly restore the skin after waxing, we use specific post-waxing products that relieve redness, remove wax residue, heal inflammation and hydrate.

Our After Wax Quench removes wax residue, calms skin, relieves redness and helps prevent ingrown hairs. It includes a blend of Tea Tree Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E re-hydrates skin post waxing. Based on your skin type and needs, we use an after-wax antiseptic and serum to calm, repair, and soothe the skin.

Our post-wax serums are various, we use them based on your skin type. We have a calming after waxing serum that immediately relieves any redness after waxing! St. John’s Wort, Marigold and Cornflower combine with an Algae base to effectively calm and cool irritated skin. Serum heals skin while helping to close pores after waxing.

We also have an ingrown hair eliminating serum, and a skin decongesting serum with antibiotic properties that removes impurities for cleaner pores.

Why Wax With Us?

  • We use wax formulated with cutting-edge resins and rosin and selected pure oils, with the most professional and luxurious hard and soft wax formulations in the industry.
  • Our special pre and post wax procedures and products relieve redness, remove wax residue, heal inflammation, and hydrate your skin.
    We incorporate special serums to prevent redness or irritation, in-grown hair growth and to decongest the skin.

A luxurious waxing experience for all skin and hair types (For coarse and short hair, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, etc…)

We take care of your skin through every step of the waxing process. 



Silk Soft Wax

Soft, smooth and silky wax perfect for all facial and body waxing. Provides phenomenal skin soothing results by using the highest grade synthetic resins, Canola Oil and Olive Oil. Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils release a calming scent while softening skin with little to no irritation and residue.


Cream Wax

An all-purpose wax with a creamy formula that effectively removes short, coarse and stubborn hair while leaving very little residue. Gently works on normal to sensitive skin types and is extremely useful on delicate areas of the skin.


Silk Hard Wax

A gentle formula combining advanced synthetic resins and Olive Oil spreads easily for quicker waxing services, leaving skin silky soft and less irritated. Developed for all hair and skin types. Performs especially well on sensitive areas and on fine to thick, stubborn hair.



Turquoise Chamomile Wax

A smooth, creamy consistency formulated for normal, oily and sensitive skin types. The highest quality ingredients, such as Chamomile and Azulene, helps alleviate redness and inflammation. Ideal for both body and facial waxing.

gold hard wax tea treePM

Calendula Gold Hard Wax with Tea Tree Oil

The secret to the rich feel of this depilatory wax is the natural extracts from the wild calendula flower and the tea tree plant. Used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, the combination calms and soothes the skin. The richness of the formula makes it ideal for Brazilian bikini waxing and the painless removal of thick, coarse, curly or stubborn hair. For use on even the most sensitive areas and all types of skin.



Austrian Green Wax

Our favorite for Brazilian and bikini waxing. A slightly thicker consistency made with the highest-quality resins, effectively removes hair on all areas of the body with little to no irritation and residue.


Pink Cream Wax

Pearl Pink Cream Titanium Wax, specifically formulated to prevent skin irritation to reactive skin. Titanium base waxes are a new generation of waxes formulated to satisfy customers and technicians. The Titanium renders the skin supple and smooth and it effectively reduces the adherence of wax to the skin. Titanium waxes are highly recommended for clients with delicate or sun damaged skin.


Ultra Sensitive Zinc Oxide Wax

Clients with sensitive skin need a depilatory wax that protects them from irritation or rashes. Our Satin Smooth® Zinc Oxide Wax is specially formulated for acne- or blemish-prone skin, fair complexions, thin or young skin. Recommended for the facial area and sensitive parts of the body, it is the professional’s wax of choice for fine to medium hair and any skin type that requires extra-gentle treatment. Formulated with titanium dioxide, a natural buffer that eliminates the need for talcum powder, and propolis, a natural botanical substance.


Azulene Wax

Formulated with soothing Azulene Oil, renowned for its skin calming properties. This balanced, gentle aromatic blend is pleasing to the senses and perfect for normal skin types. For the removal of medium to coarse hair.


Body Waxing
Underarm $20
Shoulder $15
Hands $12
Half Arm $20
Full Arm $40
Half Back $20
Full Back $40
Half Stomach $15
Full Stomach $30
Belly Trail $15
Bikini $40
Brazilian $60
Lower Leg $36
Uppler Leg $38
Full Leg $68
Feet and Toes $15
Luxury & Nourishing Treatments
Hands (15min.) $25
Feet(15min.) $25
Hands & Feet Combo $45
Luxe Neck Treatment (15 min.) $25
Facial Waxing
Signature Brow Shapping $30
Lips $15
Chin $14
Sides $14
Lips & Chin $24
Lips,Chin& Sides $36
Hairline $14
Full Face(Without brows) $50
Additional Services
Brow Tint $20
Lash Tint $20
Luxe Lip Scrub $12
Luxe Lip Treamtent(15 min.) $15
Luxe Lip Scrub & Mask $25
Luxe Eye Remedy (15 min.) $20
All of our Waxing services are done using cutting edge formulation,
created with the highest quality resins for a silky application