Organic Facials




Natural herbs, lymphatic drainage massage, eco-friendly products, and meticulously orchestrated facial massage techniques to detox and destress facial tissue and muscles.


European Facial

A basic facial designed to clean, exfoliate, and clean your skin to improve the appearance, texture, and overall condition of the skin involving a perfect combination of relaxation and beauty.

We analyze the skin for possible problem areas and identify specific qualities of your skin. After this, your skin is exfoliated using our exfoliating complex and a pre-extraction oatmeal mask while you are under the steamer. You are then ready for extractions, which removes black and whiteheads from the skin. After a face and decollete massage, a customized-mask is applied to your face. Masks are an extremely important aspect of facials. There are masks for a variety of purposes from healing acne scars to shrinking pores. After this, our moisturizer and spf is applied so you leave your facial with protection that lasts for the rest of the day.

Lymphatic Drainage Facial

The purpose of lymph drainage massage is to move fluid out of your tissues into lymph nodes where bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed. It reduces swelling and pain and stimulates your immune system, increasing the circulation of white blood cells. There are many lymph nodes in your face and neck, and they protect you against pathogens that can enter your body through your eyes, nose and mouth.

Ultimate Eco-friendly Paraffin Alternative Facial

Includes everything in the paraffin facial plus a healthy, nourishing hand/foot treatment that includes 100% natural plant-based emollients blended with pure essential oils.

  • Petroleum-free alternative to paraffin.
  • Luxurious blend of palm, soy, jojoba and organic coconut oils, shea butter, vitamin E, and essential oils.
  • Proven anti-aging proper ties with enhanced cell regeneration.
  • Rich moisturizers leaves the skin soft and supple.
  • Great for treating rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Helps the healing of small wounds, cracks, inflamed skin, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.


Relax and rejuvenate. The ultimate relaxing facial includes the choice of one of our signature, high-end Caviar Bio Complex, Diamond Glow, or 24K Gold Mask. Steam under a custom-blended mask with multi-minerals and multi-vitamins. This facial includes a hand and foot paraffin treatment.

Relaxing Stone Massage Facial

If a relaxing facial massage is what you’re looking for then this is the right facial for you. In this facial we perform choreographed techniques that heal and rejuvenate your skin with cleansing, hydration, a masque, and massage to the face, neck, and shoulders. The facial massage technique uses pressure points to lessen stress and remove toxins.


Includes a stone massage, benefits are:

  • Increases blood circulation and helps clear headaches and sinus congestion
  • Proper stone massage techniques under the eyes will decrease the puffiness and dark circles
  • Facial Massage Cream and Oils are non-pore clogging and are formulated specifically for the face with added nutrients and antioxidants for deep hydration
  • Helps to expel acne causing toxins for a brighter, clearer complexion
  • Can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or as an add-on for a calming and soothing aspect
  • Warm, smooth stones gently massage the face and neck, as circulation is stimulated and toxins are eliminated

Oxygen Infusion Facial


After a deep cleansing facial to remove dirt, impurities, blackheads, and whiteheads, we use our oxygen machine to boost cell metabolism with treatment gels for Anti-Aging (antioxidants), Acne (antimicrobials), Sensitive (anti-inflammatories), and Brightening (melanin inhibitors).

We use a cooling, calming, pressurized oxygen to penetrate a serum packed with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides deep into your skin. Praised as a needle-less liquid face lift, you will see smoother skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, better volume and contour, glowing hydration and increased firmness. Results are not only instant, but continue to improve in the days following treatment. This remarkable technology is safe and effective for everyone, including those with rosacea, acne, pregnant women, and anyone recovering from a laser or surgical procedure.

The Organic Facial

(60 Min)

A customized facial using natural botanicals, proteins, and enzymes from fruits and vegetables harvested globally. This peel:

  • Replenishes vital nutrients
  • Supports cellular renewal
  • Lifts and firms
  • Diminishes skin laxity
  • Refines pores and skin texture

–Plus (75 Min)

  • An added 15 minutes of needed therapy